Damla Boru is serving the Turkish Industry since 1985. It has started its business life in Adana and in time it has opened a Branch in Gebze to serve the rest of the country more efficiently. We serve to our dear customers in Adana Head Office with a 6500 square meters’ area and Gebze Branch Office with over 1500 square meters’ area. Damla Boru trades industrial products that require engineering knowledge and expertise.  The main service of Damla Boru is to give material management services for industrially widely carbons steel pipes in and outside Turkey. Damla Boru has a wide technical expertise in carbon steel pipe material management services which is rightfully gained in its more than 30 years’ expertise.


Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for Damla Boru. We welcome our dear customers with respect, with a fair manner and courtesy. We deliver our services for our customers with a timely manner, with the highest efficiency and as promised.


Our mission is to take responsibility, serve and if possible to work and walk side by side with corporations who contributes to our country ‘s and the World economy.

Our Values

Solution oriented, Trustable, high HSE standards, Transparency, Productivity and Environment and Social Consciousness.